Henrik Ibsen wrote the majority of his plays during the heyday of photogravure, yet was probably never illustrated in that medium. In fact, since Edvard Munch, very little artistic visual interpretation of Ibsen has been done. This is strange, since Ibsen used very strong graphic imagery in his writing. I have taken eight of Ibsen's plays and tried to present them in a contemporary way while still keeping true to the period and to his spirit.

The Ibsen Portfolio is comprised of eight hand-pulled copper plate photogravures, each in an edition of twenty. The name of the play depicted follows the title. The editions are printed on Somerset Satin (300lb sq/in); sheet size 15x18 in., image size of 8-1/2x11 in. The cost of the portfolio is $3,000, unmounted and boxed. For more information please contact pietersmyers@gmail.com.