Contemporary Portrait Commissions
Unique in the world of portraiture, your portrait will be delivered as a limited edition of five original hand-pulled photogravures. All details such as treatment, size, etc. will be made at my discretion, much as if you were sitting for a portrait painter. Capturing a likeness will not be as important as revealing your intrinsic uniqueness. Payment will only be made upon your complete satisfaction.  The time needed to complete the work, just as the result itself, is unpredictable. Please go (here) to see a sample contract. Sittings will be either at my studio or a place of your choice, or both.  Any location beyond the San Francisco Bay Area will incur travel expenses.  Please call for current pricing or to discuss any other aspect of the commission.  

Pieter S. Myers

P.O. Box 190
Occidental, California 95465

(707) 953-3535


Print Purchases

Call for prices and availability.



Visits to my studio are encouraged. Please call for an appointment. The work itself can best be appreciated in person, since the computer image has its limitations.